Remote-Anything 5.60.15

Complete program for remote connections to other PC's

Ever needed to help a friend out with a technical problem in another location or connect to another PC remotely? Remote Anything allows you to completely control the keyboard, mouse, and screen of a remote PC via a modem, a LAN or the Internet.

The interface features explorer-like file transfers, the ability to install and use programs, to power up/down PCs, and to record sessions that you can play back.

Don't let distance come between you and another PC!

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Remote-Anything 5.60.15

User reviews about Remote-Anything

  • MPDK

    by MPDK

    "We are very satisfied with Remote-Anything"

    I have a small support team, and have just buying a license for Remote-Anything. What I like is, that the license is...   More.

  • Peterweise

    by Peterweise

    "One unik remote Software"

    I have used Remote Anything (RA) for 4 years, and it is my number 1 remote program. It is easy for the user you ar...   More.